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An alarming 50% of window cleaners are NOT licensed and at least 75% of window cleaners do not have the appropriate insurance. We do!

Gordon Exterior Cleaning is a registered corporation in the State of FL

We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed window and exterior building cleaning company carrying both Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance Policies.


Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with safe and the most efficient window washing service. We take great pride in our work. Our uniformed staff of skilled professionals is highly trained and incorporates the latest advances in technology, safety, education, and training. Whether it’s for your apartment or house, storefront, business office or a post construction building, Gordon Exterior Cleaning will provide you with an outstanding level of professional services at the price that will fit any budget.

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Here are 4 critical ones to ask BEFORE you invite a company into your home

If you are still deciding which company to use, be sure to ask our competition these questions
If the answer to this question is anything but a resounding ‘YES’, run. Make sure you SEE their current documents on their website or by asking them (especially worker’s compensation). All kidding aside, whatever you do, do not have an uninsured cleaner perform any type of service for you. It may save you money at first, but the first time there’s an accident you could be up the creek. Check our insurance documents.
This is a very important question and you want much more than a quick ‘yes’. What exactly is their experience? How long have they been doing the services you are requesting? When did they learn, how were they trained, and were they tested? The right answers will give you peace of mind to know that you will be working with an ethical and qualified professional and leads into the next question.
If a window cleaning company has been in business for any period of time, and they do quality work, they should be able to provide you with references from their satisfied clients for you to call. And not just one or two, but three or four. Don’t rely on the couple of testimonials they may have randomly placed on their website either. There should be dozens if not a hundred or more testimonials.
If the answer to this question is anything but a resounding ‘YES’, you may be in for big problems. Why should you do business with a company that won’t guarantee their work?

By asking these questions, you will know whether you are dealing with an honest and ethical company or not. If you don’t feel comfortable with the answers you receive, DO NOT hire that company. Find another company that can answer these questions to your satisfaction.


And be sure to watch out for the following:

The bait and switch outfits that lure you in with cheap advertising. These are what we call Rip-Off Cleaners scamming unsuspecting homeowners for big dollars. They offer cheap cleaning services in their ads, but once they arrive in your home it is a completely different ball game. They explain that the quoted price was only meant for ‘some’ types of windows that you don’t have. Or the price only included basic cleaning, and you need the more expensive cleaning. And they may do an unauthorized add-on service and try to make you pay for it.

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